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Video: Getting Started with Google Analytics

For marketers, there is no longer any excuse not have a proficient level of understanding online data. Google Analytics is now the platform that all marketers need to have a basic command of. Google Analytics has lead the way as the analytics tool of choice for the majority of websites, and as a free tool (And a part of the Google ecosystem) it has become the default currency in using online behavioural data.
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Secrets to Public Speaking – The TED Formula

TED talks have had a big impact on my style of presentations, talks and lectures. In this film, the founder of TED Chris Anderson, give some of the secrets behind what makes TED talks what they are today.

This film is a ‘must watch’ every time you are preparing your next talks.


Talk: Digital Marketing Ecosystem & the Marketing Technologist

My talk at Web Analytics Wednesday focused on rethinking how marketing is now more about creating an  interdependent assets and technologies in an ecosystem environment.