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Video: Getting Started with Google Analytics

For marketers, there is no longer any excuse not have a proficient level of understanding online data. Google Analytics is now the platform that all marketers need to have a basic command of. Google Analytics has lead the way as the analytics tool of choice for the majority of websites, and as a free tool (And a part of the Google ecosystem) it has become the default currency in using online behavioural data.

With everyone being online almost 24/7, understanding online traffic is now a critical source of intelligence for a brand/organisation. User behaviour is a powerful tool understanding a business, with assisting with key decisions and ongoing strategy development.

I still remember my first time seeing Google Analytics in action when I worked at Digital Media World magazine & events in 2006. The magazine editor showed me the average time on page for the articles we had online, and from that moment I was mesmerised with the data available. From a traditional publishing perspective, this was revolutionary. With my role of heading up the business development for the magazine, I could see where our community of readers were most engaged, and from there I could talk to the right advertising partners with the right data. It was a win for all, as we were able to focus and position our editorial, assist with the right brands to partner in reaching this audience and the readers were exposed to advertising that was more of a service than just a pitch.

This video from Google “Digital Analytics Fundamentals – The importance of digital analytics: Measuring Customer Behaviour” does a great job in explaining the key benefits of analytics, and is a worthwhile view both for newcomers to analytics/marketing but is also important refresh of the basics for the seasoned analyst/digital marketer.