Social Media Advertising – An Overview

As the usage of social media continues to grow, possiblities for advertising through the social networks is rapidly evolving as new channels of effective reach, impact and ulitmately results.

Social media is without any doubt, become the primary reason people will check their phone or computer on a regular basis. How we all use social media is continuously evolving, with an example being the humble hashtag, which has empowered users a simple and efficient search functionality where people are starting to search for content on most social networks.

Advertisers are starting to catch up on this, and social networks are starting to see clear revenue opportunities here. Whilst there is a growing number of social networks (as well as a few that see their demise), we’ll take a look at some of the main ones being Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin.

Facebook – The Social Advertising Giant

In 2017, Facebook is closing in on hitting 2 Billion monthly users. Love or hate this social network, it’s continuous growth seems unstoppable whilst founder Mark Zuckerberg remains at the helm.

Since becoming a public company, the performance of Facebook has been nothing short of Stellar. Consistent and continuous solid growth in users and advertising revenue suggests that Facebook is a mature network that balance user satisfaction with advertising efficiency.

The Audience in Context

I often refer to Facebook as social ‘infrastructure’. It is simply something people use as social communication infrastructure. Whilst many point out the the younger market now favour Snapchat or Instagram, this youth market still use Facebook’s messenger service for communications, both one to one, one to many or even many to many(Group messaging).

Usage of Facebook is predominantly of social and personal nature, and advertisers need to understand the context of this. People are engaging with Facebook in their own personal time, so advertising should appeal to the audience as how they can benefit them as an individual.

Twitter – SMS for Some

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