The New CMO – Content Management Optimisation

Content management optimisation is a new discipline that all marketers need to master, or at least understand the importance of. Optimisation of content is something that should occur in the planning, development and maintenance stages of content management.

When most of us marketers talk about optimisation of content, we think of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). There are other areas of content (other than SEO), should be optimised in other ways, especially with the mindset that content is an asset.

Strategy Tips for Content Management Optimisation

Content should be a part of any marketing or communication strategy in this digital age. Here are some tips where marketers need to change their paradigm when it comes to content marketing.

  • Brands to Think more Like Publisher
  • Content is an Asset
  • Content Planning
  • Customer Stories and Testimonials
  • Use of video

Traditional marketing (& marketers) are not geared towards creating and managing assets. The traditional marketing world has been based on campaigns, that are planned, executed then delivers results (Deemed good or bad). Content marketing changes the paradigm of traditional marketing.

 Brands to Think More Like Publishers

Marketers built their campaigns around advertising. Content marketing is NOT campaign based, and serves the ‘long tail’ of traffic over the course of time. It can be likened to how the traditional media publishers operate. Success of a content marketing plan/strategy should not be judged on any one campaign, but it’s return on traffic and visitors over the course of time.

Google is your friend, and will reward you with search traffic for investing in developing great content that answers the questions of their visitors. Not only with the Google search algorithm be favourable to you, but your visitors will start to regard your brand as a credible authority in its market.

Think like a publisher, think long term, and build credibility with your audience.

Content IS an Asset – Use it as an Asset!

Think of content as a house that you own. Think of advertising as a house that you rent. Both accommodate visitors, people, and provide and experience.

If you maintain your house, and it is in the right neighbourhood, houses generally increase in value over time and as the owner, you are the beneficiary of this growth in value.

If you rent a house, the money spent on the rent will never provide you with a return.

It is sometimes necessary to rent a house depending on your life stage or requirements, but more often than not, owning your own home provides better long term returns on your investment. Advertising will always be a viable option but brands should start properly budgeting for content assets that will provide returns for more than a lifetime.

Plan Your Content

To have the optimal content, you need to also plan how it will be produced, who is the audience, when it will be published and what needs it is fulfilling.

The other point to consider in this age of mobile, is context. This is adds the factor of where people are and when they are consuming it. Making sure that your content can be customised, personalised for your audience.


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