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The New CMO - Content Management Optimisation

Content management optimisation is a new discipline that all marketers need to master, or at least understand the importance of. Optimisation of content is something that should occur in the planning, development and maintenance stages of content…

Social Media Advertising - An Overview

As the usage of social media continues to grow, possiblities for advertising through the social networks is rapidly evolving as new channels of effective reach, impact and ulitmately results. Social media is without any doubt, become the…

Video Marketing - Getting Started

Video is moving to the front line of today's marketing strategy. From high quality TVC productions to the video blog(vlog) shot on an iPhone, online video has an increasingly greater reach and higher consumption rate as we all prefer to watch…





IIH Nordic

About this Marketing Blog

A word, from the nerd…

This blog site is to share experiences in the ever changing world of digital marketing and the technologies that are associated with it.

I’m supporting, curating, editing and maintaining this site as my personal blog about my profession. Looking back at my career, I’m honoured have worked for companies like IBM, ACNielsen and recently at Saxo Bank being one of the first people to work at the forefront of Social Media and Content Marketing initiatives.

Today, I’m a part of the IIH Nordic, family, which is Northern Europe’s leading analytics agency.  As the Head of Events, Partner Relations and a Senior Strategist I deal with the latest marketing technologies, produces some of the industry events for marketing in the Nordics as well as develops digital strategies for some global brands.

Looking forward, technology is going continue to change, disrupt and create new opportunities for many industries, and it isn’t finished with marketing. This industry is not for the faint hearted, or those who like to work in a comfort zone. For us others, it is going to be a future of continual learning, adapting and evolving our skills and most importantly, our attitudes.

Enjoy the blog, and just a special word of acknowledgement to my colleagues at IIH Nordic. A house with some amazing minds and people who share the same passions.

All opinions, comments and ideas stated are that of the writer of each post.

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